How to connect my local Oracle DB to Outsystems

How to connect my local Oracle DB to Outsystems

I am new to OutSystems. Could someone help how to connect my local Oracle DB to OutSystems? I have installed OutSystems (FULL) and Oracle 10g Express edition on my PC. Now I want to develop an application and would like use my local oracle 10g as application's database instead of the one bundled with Outsystems. Could someone give me instructions on how to do the setup and use my local oracle DB? thanks
Hi Raj, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

You should be able to connect the Agile Platform Community Edition to your existing Oracle database.

However, that is not such a straightforward process as setting it up to connect to SQL Server.

You can learn more about it by reading our .Net Install Checklist, and selecting the Database role, and an Oracle database. Follow the steps and scripts to configure the required database users and tables.

Let us know if this helps!


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo, thank You !!!

I tried doing database connection in Service Center to connect to my local oracle database (10g Express Edition), but it threw error which is as follows -
"Connection String test failed: System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater.". 

I have installed OutSystems and Orcale 10g XE on the same m/c.

Could you help me where I am going wrong?

Probably just me, but did you actually install the Client too ?

Usually this is a seperate download, in fact you probably only need the ODP.NET install (that's enough for me to connect to a remote Oracle db on the Agile server, though I must admit I have not used Oracle for the internal DB yet).

Hi Raj,

Well, Hans did ask a valid question, though I fear that the problem might be elsewhere.

After reading your last post, I went to the Agile Platform System Requirements and it does not mention Oracle Express anywhere. If what Hans is saying doesn't help you, I suggest getting in touch with our support team at to see if they can help you with it, but if that's the case I'd guess that we just don't support Oracle Express.

Let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares
I just had the same problem trying to connect to an external 10g Oracle database.
I kept getting the same  message.
 "Connection String test failed: System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater.". 
Hunting around on Oracle support sites I discovered that there is a problem with the way the Oracle client is installed.
  The trick is to make sure the folder where the client resides has "Authenticated Users" added as Read and Modify.  In my case it looked like it was set correctly, but it actually wasn't.  So the recommendation from Oracle was to remove the setting and reset it, ensuring that the rights are replicated to the whole folder.
Once I did that the connection worked.
I hope that helps.

Hi, you have to install lasted version of OutSystems Agile Platform Community Edition (, install oracle client, configure TNS. To be sure, connect with PLSQL. Then create database conection on servicecenter.