Not able to change configuration in AndroidManifest.xml


after we generated an apk, the deployment failed because the extractNativeLibs attribute (under <application> element) in the AndroidManifest.xml file is set to false which does not allow native libraries to be installed. 

I tried the zip approach and I went through all discussions in Outsystems Forum but it didn't work.

It gives "Invalid Cordova plugin" error. I noticed that many people in the community are asking the same question about the zip folder approach. 

Please note that we can’t use the URL approach because our outsystems server cannot connect to the internet due to our security policy. I’ve been trying to solve this issue for three days with no luck. I tried to use the Android allowBackup plugin by modifying the attribute name, but the same thing, the zip file approach does not work. 

Please find attached app with the configuration. I also tried using following json in the Extensibility Configuration of the module but it didn't change the extractNativeLibs attribute value

{ "preferences": { "android": [ { "name": "extractNativeLibs", "value": "true" } ] } }

I hope you will be able to help at the soonest, as this issue has delayed our deployment.



ok my issue was resolved. I used allowBackup Android Plugin as a baseline and modified it to change the attribute i want which is extractNativeLibs and it worked perfectly. There is also cordova-custom-config which can be configured, but the first one is simpler.  In my case i used the zip folder approach because internet is not accessible on the server due to our security policy. 

i did the following: 

  1. Created new mobile app with "blank" module
  2. downloaded the 
  3. modified the plugin.xml (replaced allowBackup with extractNativeLibs )
  4. Zipped the folder again and added it to the "Resources" folder under Data tab of the module
  5. added the following json under "Extensibility Configuration" of the mobile


    "resource": "",

    "plugin": {

        "resource": "cordova-plugin-allow-backup"



Important note: be careful of the zip folder structure it should have one folder inside it not 2 which i initially had. 


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