App is not loading after cordova plugin integration

I am integrating with a Cordova plugin. I follow the OutSystems documents guide for this and I am successfully able to generate the android app. But when I installed it in mobile app it stuck at splash screen and not redirecting to home screen. I did not find any error log for this in the service center that is why I am not able find the problem.

The app works when I remove the plugin from the app. Any idea what can be the problem or how to troubleshoot this.




You must inspect the app in your device locally. The Cordova plugin is executed in the device and it must be thrown an error when it is initialized.

Firstly you must connect the Android device via USB to your PC/laptop and then you can try:

1/ Inspect the app with the Chrome devtools.

2/ Inspect the app with logcat (from an ADB command or from Android Studio). You must filter the output messages.

I hope you can see some useful information to give you a clue about the problem.

Does it work the Cordova plugin outside OutSystems platform? When we have to integrate a new Cordova plugin that it does not exist in the forge, we always make it to work in a Cordova project (with Android Studio) and when we are sure it works correctly we integrate it in OutSystems. In what scenario are you moving?

Kind regards, David.

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