How can I debug a REST API Action?


I am making my first OutSystems application and I started making a simple integration with our company login service. 

1. I created an REST API Integration and a POST Login Action

2. I drag that action to meu login flow and set as plain text the inputs (I didn't use a variable link for that).

3. I started the app and hit Login button, and an 400 Bad Request is throw;

How can I see what is goind on? I want to check the request with all the parameters, endpoint, can I log that, how?

Hello victor, 

As you see you got 400 error this is due to your not passing correct head values which is required

If you consume your API then you also check the request part in service center

Service center - monitoring - integration logs

Here you will direct check and if you not using consuming api then you need to drag log message  server action and pass that value in it 

After hitting also check in service center.

Service center - monitoring - general logs

In this way you will debug the API

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande.

Thanks guys!

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