[Pusher.com APIs] Is is possible to use this extension on a Reactive application?
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Forge component by Remco Dekkinga

I'm in need of a message broker to receive and send message from Kafka and Solace, this extension looks like it would be great for what I need, but I'm only allowed to create reactive applications, is it possible to use it on reactive or convert it?

Sorry if this question sounds basic, but I'm not used to this technology in specific. 

Thank you for your attention.



You can always integrate server side logic in your reactive web applications. Only if the component uses Screens and webblocks it would not be able to be used.

There is also a reactive Pusher component available in the Forge.




Thank you Daniel, I was wondering because of the webblock that is "always listening" and how it could be implemented in reactive.

Didn't know about that forge application that you mentioned, I believe it will help on my task.

Thank you again specially for your fast reply and content.



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