Count the time taken by client action in mobile app
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Hi All,

I want to log : how much time taken by client action to execute in mobile app. The client action would execute multiple times so I want to get the total time taken for the multiple instances of the client action. 

Can anyone please guide me here how should I calculate the time taken by the client action to execute. Also the time would be in milliseconds so how should I get the time in milliseconds.

P.S: Dont want to use any external components.

Hello Kaustubh Kamble,

Check out this forge component Ticks which returns 100-nanosecond interval, So you can calculate the execution time in ms too.


Harika R.

Hello Kaustubh ,

You can achieve it by JS method and

var start =;

//call the execution action


var end=;

var elapsedTime  =end - start;


Try this js , Hope it helps you .



Hello Kaustubh, 

Please check this Screenshot if its helps you then Check Below OML for reference

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


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