Local SQL Server not found when creating connection string

I am trying to get data from a MS SQL DB on my dev machine to my personal environment.

When I test my database connection - the server is not found / accessible.

The server is running, and allows remote connections

My Login credentials and password I double checked

Why does outsystems not see my server?

What are you using as the connection string? If you are using the local IP address or local server name then that will only work from within your network or even your own machine. If you are using the external address then the most likely issue is a firewall/router issue, external traffic needs to be able to get from the Outsystems cloud servers down through your router and then to your local machine. 

Thanks for the reply Jeanene

I created a new Database Connection in Outsystems Service Centre. 

I understand that to be generating the connection string?

The SQL server is on my personal machine on a private home network.

I have checked the SQL engine and browser service are running.

I can access the server from MS Access.

I have created windows firewall exceptions, and even tried removing the firewall.

I have set SQL to dual authentication (Windows and SQL)

Anything i'm  missing / misunderstanding?

As Jeanene explained, personal environment is on the cloud and your db server hosted local needs to be exposed to OS server to connect. You should be able to explore this with Azure SQL Server if properly exposed.

Thanks Burt

I'm not really wanting to integrate to SQL or SQL Azure... 

Only to migrate data to my personal environment.

That is essentially my question: 

Why is my local DB not exposed to the OS server?

See my reply to Jeanene for other things I've checked so far.

I would check two things if you have done what you listed:

1. Whether you have a public IP address and 1433 is open? You may check this with another computer from different network, e.g. workplace network, with SSMS or other tool

2. Whether OS Personal Environment(OS server) firewall has blocked any outgoing (1433) traffic. Hope someone in OS can answer this.

You need to configure the firewall on your internet router, not just your PC. If you have standard ports setup on SQL you will need to set your internet router to forward traffic on incoming TCP port 1433 and possibly UDP port 1434 to your local PC. You will then need to use the external internet IP address in the Outsystems configuration NOT the IP address of your local PC. If you don't know your external IP you can try something like this to get it What Is My IP? Quickly See My IP Address and My IP Location 

Also note that some Internet service providers don't let you do this, for example in Australia Optus mobile broadband is behind a NATed router and one IP address is shared by multiple users so you can't route incoming traffic at all wh9ch is a pain and what I have to deal with at home.

Here is a bit of details about port forwarding, it will differ slightly depending on what your router is but it will give some background

How to Set Up Port Forwarding (lifewire.com) 

If you are trying to do a once off load then it may be easier to use SQL to export the individual tables to CSV files and then import those.

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