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Hi Team,

  Is there any other way to get the external URL which is requested from other source,

For examble, i have the two application A and B, so in some case i redirect from A to B by clicking the link so its open the page in tab of B application, so in B application is there any possibility way to get the requested URL.

Thanks in Advance


Another option is you can access the App A database table as external DB via extension in AppB(Outsystems) then you can read the table and apply the same solution as I shared in OML.

Check if your APP A is allowed to access DB from App B like mention above link. I did it and working well for me.

Yeah Amit we have access to the A DB but the URL keeps on changing with parameters and they wont store the URL in DB so we have to find other way to get the URL in the entry module.


Why do you want to use the external URL of a screen of another app? In OitSystems version 11 screen references are weak references you can directly access them by setting s dependency and then use the destination widget to access the screen.


Hi Balaji,

You can go as per Daniel's suggestion but if your first application (which is doing redirection to second app) is not developed in OutSystems or you don't want to add dependency and manage its input parameters then there is another way. 

You can use GetRefererURL action from HTTPRequestHandler extension.

You are correct Nikhil, and is this GetReferrerURL brings the exact values requested from external application?


Yes, It will return complete URL, including query string parameters.

Hello Balaji,

I did a little test on this and noticed that among the server actions available under HttpRequestHandler only GetURL and GetURLWithSession returned the External URL along with the parameters each time. In my tests both applications A and B are built in OutSystems.

GetReferrerURL did not always include the parameters and I am still trying to figure out under what circumstances. Just wanted to share that info, hope that helps.

Thanks for you Effort AJ, i will update here once i get the right way.

Hello Balaji, just curious to know what worked out for you in the end.

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