Connect to local Server.

Ok please help.

I have two computers.
Computer 1. Windows 7 running Outsystems to design my web application.

Computer 2. Windows Server 2003 - Where I wont to store and serve/host my web application.

 I just set up my server today the only thing I did to it was turn on the .net/IIS rule. Then I downloaded the full install from outsystems website. When I'm at the server I can login to the service center with the "localhost / admin" just fine. Looks like all is running good there.

My question is when I go back to my computer 1 and open up the we browser and type there is nothing there. I want to set up my one touch publishing so that I can upload to my computer 2 (server)

What will my URL be for my web app? Is there some other configuration I need to do to my server? (open ports or something)
In the Service Center under administration server configuration the default DNS is blank?

I know that this will be an easy thing to explain to someone who has no knowledge setting up a server. :-) PLEASE HELP. I'm affraid I will mess something up if I get in there and start changing something.

Mike --- Complete NOOB!
Hi Mike, 

in your Windows 7 browser type http://ip_adress_from_your_windowsserver_2003/servicecenter and you can access to it.

all your apps deployed in your server will have the asdress http://ip_adress_from_your_windowsserver_2003/your_app

Instead of your's server ip address you can use server's name to reach there http://your_server_name/servicecenter


P.S: - We also like "complete noobs" :=)
Thank you Ricardo,
I got it to work! I restarted all my computers and also turned on some stuff in the server's control panel.

Now I am on to my next step. Making my server visible from the internet.
I have a dynamic IP through my cable modem, and I am looking at a frew service by

Does anyone have a good guide that would walk me through this?

Iam so excited about finding Outsystems! I think this is going to do exactly what I wanted it to do. Although I have so much to learn. I have tried a half a dozen other Rapid Web App Developement programs and NONE of them touch OUTSYSTEMS! I will keep everyone up to date on my progress. Thanks Again.

Mike the NOOB! :-)  If I can do this then anyone can!
You don't really need a guide per se... just go into your router for your cable modem and port forward port 80 to your local machine. Remember, your local machine's IP will change from time to time, so either use a DHCP reservation or a static IP for the local machine.

That said, it's a bad idea to do this, unless it's just to demo stuff or occassional/lightweight usage. If you truly need it to be available, put together a real server or talk to OutSystems about a server through them.

Thank you for your input. I am getting 5 static IP addresses from my ISP next week. I would like to host my app to maybe 10-20 Customers so they could keep track of their orders and quotes in progress. In your opion would that be considered light usage ... how many users would be consider too much? My cable internet provider is setting me up with 6 meg down and 1 meg up speed. I have a Windows Server Enterprise 2003. What is everyones opion? Does anyone have a similar set up? I thought about paying for hosting but don't think I would be aloud to install the Platform Server? What are some hosting companies that provide service for hosting the Outsystems Apps? Sorry for all the questions, just want to find the best setup. One more note... I already have my company website hosted with Globat, I want to have a link for customers to login to see their account. When they click on the login link they would be redirected to my personal hosted outsystem app. Thanks Mike
That's my setup for the most part. Works quite nicely. I *highly* recommend using virtual machines for the Agile Platform servers, by the way, it makes backing up and restoring a lot easier, and if you ever need to deploy applications to separate domain names it is pretty critical. Also, I'd recommend using the latest version of Windows Server... 2008 R2... over an older one if at all possible. 2003 has a LOT more security issues (I write a monthly column about Microsoft patches...) and will get EOL'ed (end-of-life aka "no more support") in a few years (Windows 2000 got EOL'ed last year).

If you want to host with someone else, OutSystems resells (at no markup, I beleive) Amazon Web Services accounts pre-configured with Agile Platform.

Glad to hear I might be on the right path. Can you explain a little about the "virtual machine" is it hard to figure out and setup.
I can not afford Windows server 2008 right now. Will the Agile Platform run on a open source server like Apache or something else?

Mike -

Wikipedia explains VMs better than I can (

Agile Platform does *not* run on Apache. Agile Platform *does* have a version that runs on Linux, but it's one of the versions that cost money. You'll want to explore the pricing page to find out details on it.