Life time version for platform server 11.12.1
Platform Version
11.12.1 (Build 30548)

The latest version of Life time is the 11.10.0 and it says that it is not compatible with the latest version of the platform server 11.12.1. 

What we can do? Restore backups or OutSystems is planning to release it soon or it may be available a new version somewhere else?

Life time versions:

Platform server:


Hi Rossi,

lifetime is ALWAYS bundled with a SPECIFIC platform version as seen in the download of lifetime itself:

When updating lifetime, you can only download this executable and run the installer. it wil then update both the platform server and lifetime itself.

For your question specific, i would restore a backup, or try to install the 11.12.0 version of the platform server to downgrade. 

Good luck!

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