[WebPage Font Size Controller block] Allow site visitors to change (Increase and decrease) font size using JS or jQuery
Forge component by Abdul quadir Saifee
Application Type
Traditional Web


I am looking for sample OML with a simple webscreen and which has header and in the header "A-" and "A+" where I can increase and decrease font size in the site. I need either in JavaScript or jQuery and should have configuration like 

When on default mode, if I click A+ I can click 8 times 

And When on default, If I click A- I can click only 3 times


Hey sorry to ask, do you already try? what did you try to make that happen? Did you research? What do you know until now?

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Yes, already tried this component "WebPage Font Size Controller block" which is available in the forge component. I implemented this and it was not working. 

Ok, nice!! What you should have done is refer the component from the forge to members know what you are talking about and what issues you are facing, and even the author of that component can help you.

Can you still edit the post?

I will check and see what I can do.

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I've gone ahead and edited the original post to associate it with the component. Touseef, do you think you could share an example Module with your implementation? This will make it easier for the component creator or anyone else to assist.

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