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How outsystem managing source code in background. After compilation of code how its going to process on code. 


Hello Ajit,

The basic building block of an OutSystems factory is the Application. An Application is a group of Modules that together satisfy a business need. Your code resides within these Modules, and on every subsequent publish, your OutSystems environment will create a version of that Module. You can check your version as well as download or republish a prior version within ServiceCenter in the detail screen of every Module:

These module files are packed within an .oml file, a proprietary format. You can also access this list and respective files via the database by looking into the Espace_Version Entity:

Once you 1-Click Publish and the new version of your Module is created and compiled, any Screens or Actions that are directly consumed are immediately available to the end user. If you publish a Module that contains Actions that are being consumed by another Module, then the consumer Module must be republished in order for your changes to take effect - unless your Actions are exposed as Service Actions.

The big advantage of 1-Click Publish for developers is that the process of compiling and distributing code is handled by the platform - as a developer, you don't have to worry about what happens in the background with compilations or IIS because the platform will handle it.

This was a very succint explanation on what I think is relevant to what you mentioned, but there's plenty of adjacent elements to explore that might be of interest to you, like LifeTime and Solutions. It's also important to mention that everything above does not cover Extensions - their management is similar to that of Modules, but they allow you to extend platform functionality by writing .NET code, and you interact with them through the Integration Studio.

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