does not work after server action called on ipad
Application Type
Traditional Web



i made an button which

opens another window by using the following javascript

my ipad's security setting prohibits pop-up window , but it works.

however it does not work after server action called.

its due to a security policy of apple ?

i want to open another window after server action called. is it possible?


Hi Jiro,

Are you able to check the browser console to see if there are any errors?

If you don't know how to do it, open the page on your browser and press f12, you should see this:

If there is any JS error it will appear on the console.

Sometimes when an error occurs it prevents other javascripts.

Just an idea, it is hard to say exactly what can be happen without seeing the actual code and debug it.

An alternative to do that, is to create a hidden link with an extended attribute 'target: _blank' and click it with javascript.


RR :)


i think ipad does not show console menu

its just for PC


If you try to open on PC it works?
Just the ipad doesn't work?

The application Type you provided is Traditional Web, but I think it must be a Reactive or Mobile App looking to the pictures. Can you confirm?

If the problem is just on the Ipad and have a Mac you can also debbug on the device.
Check this and this docs:

If you have a Windows you can also do it but it will require a few more steps.

Check here.

Remove that error which is showing in action set there new server action with source.


Ajit, I believe the image is just a sample, it is not the actual code.
Jiro just placed it there to show us what is happening.


you are correct

the image is just a sample

the problem is does not work on my ipad after server action called

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