Recursion in actions

Hi ,

If we call Screen Action inside screen action, Execution goes in infinite loop and eventually throws "Maximum call size exceeded" error. Same is true for Client Action and Server Action.

I'm confused why do we have such options?

Can anyone please explain?

Also anyone knows maximum call stack size?

Hi Hemant,

Can you please share oml or snapshots where you are calling that.

So that we can understand in better way.

I am assuming there must be some circular/nested calls.



Hi Hemant,

you can not call screen action in same it goes to infinite loop  same as weblock or block.

The option is provide because suppose  you have some hidden button or you need to call this action on specific condition in this you can write whole code in same action but its to lengthy so you can separate your code and call by screen action.

Suppose you have one form and there is multiple validation and you need to check on multiple button in this case you need to write code on this actions . So you can create one screen action add validation on it and check this action on other action. 

This is just an example .

Hope it will help you.



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