Changing table name and attribute that reference that table makes value 0

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So in this scenario I have two tables table A and table B.

In table A there is a attribute referencing the ID of table lets call it BID.

When I do a search and replace on 'B' and replace it for 'C' and publish.

The CID field will have not link anymore to the id's of the C table.

Outsystems sees it probably as a new field in the table and deactivate the old BID field?

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"When you are renaming an Attribute of an Entity, the Platform creates a new database column. The old data is still in the old column, but you can't access it via OutSystems directly. I agree this is something to be aware of, and like you, I consider this unfortunate behavior (though I wouldn't call it a bug, as it is by design). It would be better if the Platform, like with Entity names, created an internal mapping from "OutSystems name" to "database name" and applied that. In fact, there's an idea for that, so I'd encourage you to upvote it.

@Frederico: Please read questions thoroughly, and don't supply wrong information. PJ is clearly asking about renaming an Attribute, you reply with "the platform actually creates another table, if you change back to the original entity name you can see that the data is all still there". This is 1) not what PJ asked, but furthermore, 2) completely untrue! When you rename an Entity, the Platform simply maps it to the same database table, and no data is "lost"! And in your second reply, you're still talking about an "Entity". Perhaps you are confused about terms, but either way it isn't very helpful!"

There is a lot of good answers for that here

Ps: is not a bug :D

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Hi Freek,

Please refer this URL , It explains the behaviour of  data model changes

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Saravanan Santhanam.

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