is any there like a quickbooks connection or integration in outsystems?

i saw an application in forge but it isn't available


Hi GeruuRysDev,

can you explain what you want because i didn't understand.

Quickbooks is an external software. He's looking for a connection to it.

There was a component in the Forge, but not available anymore:

Hi there, now i'm trying to make a forge application that can make the connection between OutSystems and Quickbooks, but i'm newbie as a Outsystems developer, i have made this connection in .net, can you help me to know, how am I supposed to make a callback, according to the information that is sent to quickbooks in mi request, so that it returns the authorization code to me, so that i can obtain the access token and refresh token?

I hope you can help me thank you very much.

Hi GeruuRysDev:

I'm not completely familiar with the particular integration, but may be looking into it shortly. A "Callback" method generally is just an exposed REST or SOAP method available as a web service. You might review this course to get an overview:

If you need to create a callback for Quickbooks to call, then you make one of these web services according to the specs Quickbooks has specified.

Hope this gets you started.

Hi GeruuRysDev,
Is there any development on this?

Best regards,
Tomás Dionísio

Hi Tomás, i've performed a solution for get connection to quickbooks online, but i have not yet been able to implement quickbooks entity exposure online, due to my current workload, I hope to upload the application to Forge in the future.

Hi GeruuRysDev,

How did you handle the Quickbooks token generation for API calls? 


i've made a callback page with some logic to save authorization variables needed to make the authentication.

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