SOAP Request Timeout Issue
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I get an error when trying to consume a SOAP Web Service. The error is 

OSB-380000: Read time out after 21000 millis

This is an Oracle Fusion Response.

The request is quite large. Content-Length: 28648

Is there a chance that the request length has something to do with the error? Because right after the request, in the SOAP Trace there is a

Status Code: InternalServerError

I'm attaching the SOAP trace file.

Thanks a lot,




Hi Marios,

It seems you are connecting to an external, 3rd party SOAP service. There's really no knowing what kind of policies it has with regards to the size of the payload you send it. However, given that you get an Internal Server Error, but the message is about a time-out, the time-out error is generated inside the server you connect to, so nothing what goes wrong here is on your side, or the fault of anything OutSystems-related.

My advise is to check the documentation for the SOAP service or contact the external company if they have a helpdesk.

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