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Hello, I am new to outsystems and thus far I really really like the environment. I am currently working and learning the basics of how to create a mobile app using this platform. I am not new to coding, I have developed in c, vb, python, js, html, perl and blockchains. 

I am proficient enough to build a blockchain, however I am quite new to the world of tokens, wallets, webjs, web3 and api integration for anything BEP.

I am currently trying to build a BEP20 token wallet. I created the layout as well as learned a lot about the ethereum wallet and blockcypher interactions however I cannot seem to figure out how to connect my api correctly or how to direct the wallet at the contract. I have contacted the developer however I wanted to put this out in the community as well incase anyone might be able to help.

Again, I am very new to outsystems.. but I do enjoy it immensely so far and would prefer to continue working with it on this project. If anyone might have any advice or input I would greatly appreciate it.  I do hope I am posting this in the correct area.

Hi Brenton,

I'm not familiar with BEP20 on the BlockCypher API, but let's see if I can point you on the right direction on the OutSystems side.

You can find the API mapping between OutSystems and BlockCypher on the Blockcypher_ETH module.

One possible explanation is not all the methods available on the BlockCypher API documentation have been implemented. I couldn't find references to BEP20 on that documentation either.

On a separate thread you mentioned the token site property. This exist on the demo application Blockcypher_Demo:

and you can set it via Service Center bot only for that application:

That site property is used on every API call under the token parameter:

Assuming that passing the contract token works if you pass your contract token to that parameter you should be ok.


I altered the token and input it under default value, still no luck. My site properties didn't list bc_token just token. All I can think is im doing something wrong. :/

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