Set Max Length of Input widget of Number Input Type in Reactive Web Apps.

Hii Everyone, I'm new in OutSystems and just creating a Reactive Web Module for Registration by Aadhar ID. Aadhar Id is of Number Data Type and I want to set the maximum length 12 for this. How to set maximum length for Number Input Type. Please explain to me.


Hi Neeraj,

Welcome to OutSystems, before you ask a question try to first search if it has been asked before.

Your particular question has been asked and answered several times in the past.

See this link for a workable solution:

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Thank You Sir. I want give valid message also, when I will fill number less than 5 digits. How can I do it?

Sir, I'm facing issue during Saving a Number by using create operation. It doesn't save record in Aggregate. When I set MaxLength 12 in JavaScript and fill 12 digits number in input widget then it shows a validation message that "Enter a valid integer" and filled number in input widget goes to disappear automatically. How should I resolve this?

Hello Neeraj.

 Can you please share your OML file, so that I can understand your problem in a better way?


Hello Niraj,

 You can set the maximum length for that input field to 12 characters, follow the following steps.

1. Click on input field.

2. Go to its properties on right bottom corner.

3. Set it's max. length property to 12.

And you are done.



Maybe you can have a text variable holding this value, set its maximum length to 12 and in the extended properties define the type = number, to make sure only numbers will be inserted on this input. Then, you have to convert this text variable to longInteger/integer when assigning to the record attribute that you want to save in DB.

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