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We can create database and UI as well business logic in single module. Then why we create producer model and making there database and then managing dependencies in other module. Any core reason behind that please provide solution with real time example.

Hello Ajit,

For Example you have Database which is used in the 10 project for that time you are creating 10 database in each main module 

or you directly create in one database_Cs and used everywhere where you want   ?

its reusable if you need any action in different different project then create one Core CS and for example(Used in mobile app,traditional app, and Reactive )

Cs is blank module or service module you can get there dependency in mobile,traditional,reactive so only create once you used three times. 

but same case if you consume your database in main application then in this scenario you need to create three same database 

for more clarification go to this URL

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


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