Is it possible to have Time Value in Column Chart?
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Hi all,

I require to be able to plot and compare different Time in mm:ss on a chart.

I also need to have a line that cuts through which represents the average time taken.

Something like this:

Is this possible or is there a different way of doing things? I had noticed that I can only input decimals for the chart value and thus am not sure if this is possible.



Hi Lucas,

You need to have numerical values to be able to quantify.

In this case your metric is the total amount of seconds. The labels you want to see like number of minutes on the axis or mm:ss on the columns are formatting.

Formatting on high charts can be made through the AdvancedFormat attribute.

You can take a look at this JFiddle that shows an example of applying such formats and you can adapt to your use case.

Kind Regards,

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