Enable Form buttons when everything is loaded on Screen
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11.11.10 (Build 46354)


Reactive Web Application

I have a screen with multiple aggregates to fetch data from different entities. (also having some aggregates on after fetch we are setting values for other aggregate variable)

I want to show block loading before everything on that screen loaded with screen buttons disabled.

Once everything is loaded on the block then loading goes away and screen buttons should get enabled for processing.

Let me know how we can achieve this?


Hi Rohan,

You can use Blank State in Screen and enclose that with IF .

Using aggregate Runtime property (output), use can display a loader to user untill records are getting fetched, once all records will be fetched then the button with list of records /contents will be display automatically.

Please find the below screenshot for better understanding. If you are getting data from more than one aggregates then use that aggregate with AND to if condition.

In my case GetQuotes is a single aggregate I am fetching records to display.

Hope this will help you in your use cases,


Hello Rohan,

Used this component,demo is also available


 And go through this post 

Hope this will helps you.

Thanks and regards,

Akshay Deshpande

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