How to automatically capture image ?
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive

Like for example, When we take a particular type of document within the range of camera, it should automatically capture image, Is there any way we can do this in outsystems?


Hello Manoj Kumar M,

This would come down to the capabilities of whichever Cordova plugin you are using. Just so I can understand though, are you looking for the camera to always be active while your app is open and it automatically take pictures? Or are you looking for something more like the Barcode plugin, where there camera activates and when a barcode is found it captures the information?

Hi Craig , Camera need not to be always open , Just in some specific screen if its active it should be fine for us. Also there will be nothing like bar code or anything, it will be just a document, say If I want to take a picture of driving licence when i place it within the camera range exactly adjusting all corners it should be able to capture? . Also by using camera plugin camera opens upto entire screen. But is there any option to restrict the camera usage only to particular block say only at the top or middle of screen which exactly fits the driving licence size kind of thing.. Can all these be done

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