How to allow the user to edit JSON live

I have a use case where I want to display JSON data in each of the four tabs on my app. How do I display that and allow the user to edit it live on Test development and when my app is pushed into production. Does Outsytems have this capability where the user can edit JSON and its saved? I used the Render JSON widget but its not providng the user experience I want.

It depends on what the "user experience" you are after is and if the structure of the JSON is a fixed structure or not. If it is a fixed JSON structure you can use deserialize JSON to convert it to an object, then have a full form as user entry with each field on it, then use serialize JSON to convert back to a JSON string.

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Kindly take a look at JSON Pretty Format plugin. It allows to edit and Print JSON format.

Sample URL is here

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I am currently making a making this app under a reactive web format because my manager wants it to be under this format. For some reason I cant add the JSON pretty format dependency in my app it wont let me cause it wasnt a traditional web app. I also cant do that with the JSON Pretty Format Reactive version. Can you please provide the same demo with the reactive version like you did with just the JSON Pretty Format or please tell me. I'm not sure if the implementation is different but I want to do the same thing you showed in a Reactive web app.

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Hi Travis,

You can download & refer to the demo application from the respective forge component JSON Pretty Format  page itself.

  • Click on to the small dropdown icon, you will get the expanded options

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