How to migrate All Application from Private Cloud (Azure) to Outsystem Cloud(Paas)


We are planning to move all applications, including data from Azure cloud environment to the Outsytem Cloud (Paas). Please guide me the process for the same. Can we use a basic version license for managing application in Outsystem cloud?

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Hello Viju,

Let me start by stating that this migration will not be an easy process. I'm in the process of migrating 2 on-prem environments to the cloud. One to Azure and one to the OutSystems PAAS. But what you need is the other way around. 

I don't think you'll be able to a backup/restore of the database. Instead you'll have to use 3rd party tools like the DMM of Infosistema ( ). I recently started testing that one but I haven't tested all use case yet. But it looks very promissing.

Since there's no backup/restore, the best approach would be to create new environments in your own cloud environment en migrate application by application, environment per environment. Migrating the code is easy. For the data, the DMM or another migration tool can help. This phased approach is also the less risky with regards to downtime and migration issues as you can take it step by step.

Depending on the data of database (Oracle or SQL Server), there might be some other options but since you start from the PAAS where you don't have direct access to the full database, I don't think those will work.

I see another issue with Lifetime. Even the DMM connat migrate that data. But recreating the roles/teams manually should be that big of a deal as the number of items normally will be limited. For the LifeTime users, it depends on how many you have. Creating a script might be handy. We'll also have to do it but I need to look into that.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. If not, let me know.

Or else go through this Post as well (with solution)

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Akshay Deshpande

Thank you so much Akshay . Let me try it and will update you.

I agree with Akshay.

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