[FullCalendar Reactive] How to get the Id of an event
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I am struggling to use the Id of an event from one Client Action to another one, the Forge component works with a structure for the events and, after creating an event, I am not able to get the id of that new event clicking on it. When the page is reloaded it works, but the moment of the creation it does not.

If any more information is needed I will be glad to offer it, I do not know if with this it is enough to understand the problem.

Thanks in advance!



Hi Ismael,

 Same query discussion is happened in below link .

I hope this link will help you out.

Please refer this link for your reference.


Kind regards,

Ajit Kurane.

Hi Ajit,

I have been trying to apply what appears in the link you refer to but could not get the desired result.

In the end, and at least for now, I could avoid working with the Id of the event. If in a future I need it again I will try once more to check the link you refer to.

Thank you!

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