milestone progress bar

How to create milestone progress bar in reactive web app?


Hello Shruti,

You can use Wizard which will match your requirement.

If you didn't find it you have to take the dependencies from OutsystemsUI.

You will need to customize Icon for this.


Pavan R

Thanks ,it helped but again is visible for first page ,second and third page its not visible.

Hello Shruti,

I will suggest you instead of going to the new screen you can achieve this functionality on the same screen.

You need to put the display content in to the container  or create a web block of a specific data pass the input parameter as per the requirement and display the data and just hide and show  that container based on the steps. 

Please go through this URL.

I have attached the OML below please go through it.

Note: Please check the If condition used for container and Wizard Item Status condition.


Pavan R


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