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I want to create a filter with a dropdown where I underlined in this photo.

In these filters I want to have the chance to choose in a dropdown every element that's inside that column.

Any ideas?

I linked the .oml


Hello Brayan,

Please check the URL  and the OML attached below.

I have done it for Name in the same way you can do it for rest of the Columns and I have used the search dropdown so it will be easy for you to search and then select a particular record.


Pavan R



Step by step...

Add a dropdown with the list you want to use as a filter and save it to a variable.

Add this variable as a filter in your list's aggregate

Then click on the dropdown and add an action after changing where in this action you refresh your list.

Then don't forget to add a button to clear the filter.

In this button add an assign where the variable "dropdown" = nulldifier and then refresh the list's aggregate again

I have some problems, do I have to use the aggregate that i already have called GetChangeBranches with all the sources or i have to create 2 single ones that take data from Filiale entity and one from Cliente entity?

You need to have a datasource for each dropdown. 

I would create 2 more aggregates in your example.

Yes one aggregate for Client and one for Filiale. 

But what filters do I have to applicate in those aggregates?

None. You need to put the filters in your main aggregates. Use the variables you assign the selected values of the dropdown to. 

I am sure there is a video with this implementation in the Learn section.

Yes, but don't forget to put the "or variable = nullidentifier()"

Or your list will be empty if you haven't selected a filter.


And don't forget to refresh the data in the onchange events of the dropdowns.

Ok thanks! It works!

Can you explain me why the nullidentifier is so important on the variable?

If you dont select a filter, then it will say in the aggregate: select something from somewhere where filter is nullidentifier()

This will return 0 records.

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