How to display encoded Arabic Symbols (ø§ø ´ø§ø) in HTML/application?

Hello Outsystems forums,

Recently we've got an issue about a displayed text (as a value from an API) that has been encoded before from the original Arabic input format. Here's the sample, the text below displayed from an Expression Outsystems mobile app widget:

I've tried to render it on HTML but it won't display ( my references: | ). I've also tried this method by re-encoding into UTF-8 but the results are still the same, reference; 

Should I decode it into other Unicode Standard version? can we implement this conversion value on client-side or Ajax method? Thank you.


Hi Aditya,

My suggestion is you tried the function converting utf text to unicode (see this as reference

Please inform me if this work or not, I may be able to create demo app for you.


i have the same issue and kindly need the demo

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