Application Migration

Its My first time using low code tool. So here is my question if at some point we decide that we dont want to use OS then what will be our option regarding to Application migration. Is it possible or not?

My second question is how good is OS with application scaling up. Because I have seen that for some feature you have to use forge recently i was trying to configure CKEditor in our application so documentation was not good enough so it took me some time to figure it out. So here are my thought which are hunting me if we need a component which is not available in forge. 

Really need some advise on this.


Hi Jay,

Let's take it one question at a time:

Application migration - It's possible to export the OutSystems code after someone doesn't want to keep the platform anymore, but working with OutSystems for more than 10 years, after you get used to the speed and fast learning it will be your platform of choice. 

Scalable applications - Today OutSystems is used in a lot of big companies with no scalability constraints, for this to happen the best practices advised by experts need to be followed (OutSystems Platform Best Practices - OutSystems), with this, I can ensure you that an enterprise-grade application/ecosystem can be built.

Forge - I admit that some components are lacking in the documentation and 'Try It' areas, but OutSystems has made a huge effort to increase the Forge component documentation and quality. For better components, you can check the certified contributors, for does OutSystems and the MVPs check the quality and documentation of the component delivered or just leave a Forum post and you'll get an answer very quickly.

Hope it helps.


If we export OS application. The code will be in .NET right?

Hi Jay,

Yes, the code will be in the .Net stack and if it's well documented you'll not have a problem understanding it.

Code on how to DETACH from OutSystems The Detach Process - OutSystems.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.

Thanks for the reply can we host our application on AWS rather than outsystems and is there any other option available as well. For example if i want to host it on my personal server. 

Hi Jay,

Yes, you can have on-permisses, own cloud or OutSystems cloud, it's possible to have different environments in different servers, for example:

  • Dev - OutSystems Cloud
  • QA - Own Cloud
  • Prod - OutSystems

Just to let you know, OutSystems uses AWS for their cloud environments so if the reason is just to go to AWS I advise the use of OutSystems clouds.

There are really good advantages to using OutSystems, the environment maintenance, OutSystems upgrades and any vulnerability fix is done by the OutSystems teams and you'll not have to support an entire Sysadmin team to maintain the environments.

If production is a real concern, select the production environment to be on permisses and for the others use the OutSystems Cloud option.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.

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