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I am trying to get the status of the Nodes configured in our environment by making an API call to the environment.

I found that Service Center has a SOAP API called Monitor that has an action for returning the Status of the environment nodes but it takes a password as input. 

Does anyone know which password I should be using to get these statuses or know of any other way I could get the status of the nodes configured in an environment?

Hello Haruna,

You could always try the login credentials you use for ServiceCenter or your environment and see if that works.

If that does not work, please share a link to the Monitor API you are referring to.



Hi AJ, 

The image below shows the Service Center Espace in Service Center. If you look at the integrations that are exposed in that Espace you will see the Monitor API that I have highlighted. I am trying to figure out which password I can use while making calls to these APIs. My Service Center Credentials don't seem to work here.

Thank you @Haruna Kibirige,

What is the version of the OS platform you are using?

I am on a newer version of the OS platform (version 11.9.0 and higher) and that might explain the gap in my own understand. Unfortunately 'ServiceCenter' is not a module ('espace') that I can search for.



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