How to get the next row from the database
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How to get the next row from the database 

if i have screen details ,in this screen i have two buttons (next and previous )

i need when i click on next  fetch from next row  for example  ,if i have id = 2  and the next row in an entity have id = 5

i need when i click on next  fetch from next row which id = 5 ,And vice versa when  i click on previous  .

How can I do that ?

Hello @andrew mahfouz,

Please review this post. The solution has an oml attached as well.

Another way of doing a list traversal is also discussed here. This post is a more recent one and I do prefer this approach.



Hello @andrew mahfouz ,

--In OnInitialize It's better to get the Identifers and store them in a list

--Create a Local Variable and assign the first element from the above list [Id]

--Add filter to the aggregate in which you're getting a particular record from the database[aggregate.Id = Id] 

--When you click on Next Button, Add a Client action and find the index of the Id[local variable] and get the Index+1 element from the list and assign it to the Id, so that Id will be changed and aggregate will get refreshed and fetches the next question

--You can do in same way for back button as well, but need to decrement the Index

--Make sure to stop the flow when you're at first element[stop back click] , at last element[stop Next click]

Hope this helps, if not I'll work on it and can provide you an working sample.



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