Tying a Dropdown Search to a Variable?

I have been using a standard Dropdown but recently found the Dropdown Search that will be much better for my longer list dropdowns. However, I cannot see a way to tie the Dropdown Search to the appropriate variable for the form. When I open the Detail screen, I cannot populate the Dropdown Search with the existing data. Nor can I save the new selection. What am I missing?

Hi Scott,

you tie it with the existing data through 'selected value' property.

you change your local variable in the handler.


Yes! Thank you.

I had not used the SelectedItem.Value because the tooltip said something about preselected. I did not want to "Preselect" a value, which I was thinking of like a "Default" value. But setting this did "preselect" my current data value...which makes sense when I think about it that way.

In the Handler, I had the incorrect variable chosen to Save the new value, so thanks for forcing me to take a closer look at that too.

Well now Scott, I can come across as firm and decisive, I´ m aware of that.  But I´ d like to think of myself as helping you rather than forcing you. ;-)


Don't worry Dorine, you had my consent. No lawsuit pending... ;)

Hi Scott,

Can you please share oml file or logic screenshot to understand better what you are missing?

For better understanding of  Dropdown search please find the below link, that is having details explanations with Example.

Please see Dropdown_Search link. Hope it will help you in your case.


Thanks for the reply. I did get a resolution. I had reviewed the explanation with regard to the Dropdown_Search link but it doesn't discuss existing data or saving new data. The only example it shows are popping into a msgbox. 

Thanks again.

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