Outsystems can act as Middleware?

Hi Team,

I have one Usecase, where outsystems needs to be acted as Middleware. I know we have CORE SERVICES, Exposed API's and Integration Functionality with OS. But when N number of request arises will OS will be able to handle those requests efficiently. Maintaining proper architecture and granularity for efficiency, will it be enough to run the system as middleware ? Having bit concern on Robustness and throughput when N number of calls made into System. If anyone came across this requirement before or Implemented this, Please suggest your experience. 

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Saravanan Santhanam.

Outsystems is based on .net, IIS and MS SQL so assuming efficient coding can fairly much handle the same as any other .net application on similar architecture. The paid version can scale with large database server and multiple load balanced front end servers as required. So in short yes it should be able to handle a significant load depending on your code etc.


Hi Saravan,

As Jeanene correctly pointed,

Technicaly speaking OutSystems has no limits for itself.

The limit will be much more on your infra setup and configuration, of course, also respecting the limits of the technologies that OutSystems is built on top of (C# running on IIS, and your DB).

Some samples of configurations you can improve and check documentations are:

- Number of Connections to the DB

- Tune your IIS configs

Among others,

Check also this other posts related to your question.

In conclusion, even having other tools / technologies that can be better for this scenario, OutSystems can also be fully used.

I've seen some Customers using it in this way successfully.

Hi Saravanan,

I've been working on some big clients that are using OutSystems (mainly) as Middleware. The robustness and response to requests are great, but operations team should be constantly optimizing for the specific use cases.

A good architecture design is crucial to avoid creating technical debt hard to fix in the future.


António Pereira

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