What is the OutSystems Zero-Downtime deployment feature?

The OutSystems Zero-Downtime deployment feature was created to make it possible to deploy new versions of applications in high load environments with zero downtime.

Data model changes are the critical reason why downtime can happen in the deployment of new versions of web applications – the web application logic gets out of synch with the data model leading to runtime errors. To work around this data model update problem, the OutSystems deployment process is fine tuned to reduce the time elapsed between the application logic update in all frontend nodes and the data model update to zero. This is done by having in place an advanced deployment process that is centrally controlled (by the deployment controller service). In the deployment process of a new version of an application, the new version of the web application logic is deployed to a protected area in all frontend nodes and made available to end-users simultaneously and together with the data model updates when the centralized deployment engine orders it.

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Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

Does this work on both the .Net and the Java stack? And are there any changes to this feature sinds your post in 2011?