Developing Web Apps | Exercise videos?

There are no guided videos for the exercise part of the course "Developing Web Apps".

Did anyone of you'll produce videos for the exercise part of this course - demonstrating the execution of the entire exercise and thereby building the entire OSMDB movies web app step by step?

(going through the text in each exercise pdf is not very efficient)

Hi David,

The training course "Developing Web Apps" https://www.outsystems.com/training/courses/114/developing-web-apps-outsystems-11/ has the PDF which explains the step-by-step process. Did you check them out?

Ah, you checked the PDF already.

I'm afraid there is NO official video of the exercise. (Exercises are meant to be exercising what you have learnt through the course. Sorry, PDF is the only helping material AFAIK.)

Hello, David

 Guided path exercise's are very much self explanatory. Only thing is that, you have to do that exercises with full focus. Even though you are struck some where, You should repeat the previous steps before going ahead.

Course: https://www.outsystems.com/training/lesson/1792/web-development-overview

Still, if you are facing problem then, you can go through some videos on YouTube channel.

Visit this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuDkOMm-W7U



Oh gosh!

I just asked if there were videos of those exercises because going through text in those pdfs feels inefficient and mentally daunting to me. What kind of replies are these huh?!

To put it simply... Are there supplementary videos for those exercises lessons anywhere? (to explain what is written in those pdfs in video form)?.. did anyone create them seeing that they are not given in the course material?

No, Pdf are the only one which can help us out. 

I have also gone through this course. 

PDF's were the only material that guided me through out the OSMDB application development.

Hi @David Yisrael ,

I Hope you are doing well.

I was also facing same issue. You can go through this link. This link is of Reactive web development, which is similar to traditional development, they are providing demo for all the widget and also the use of widget.

I hope this will help you also.

Thanks and Regards.



Hey there!  
While the course "Developing Web Apps" provides an excellent foundation, I understand the struggle when it comes to visualizing the exercise execution. The lack of guided videos for the exercise section indeed makes it a bit challenging to grasp the nuances effectively.

Has anyone in this awesome community taken the initiative to create comprehensive videos for these exercises? I'm talking about detailed walk-throughs, breaking down the process step by step, and ultimately helping us build the entire OSMDB movies web app together. Sometimes, seeing the actual implementation can make all the difference, right? 🎬

It would definitely be a game-changer for learners like us who find it a bit cumbersome to rely solely on the exercise PDFs. Let's pool our expertise and support each other in mastering these concepts! 

Looking forward to any contributions or suggestions from you all!

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