Client Validation Focus does not work for Comboxes
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I am facing an issue where the combobox is mandatory but the focus does not go when the Button is clicked(Button is Submit type and the Validation is Client and Server ). But when I make a input field mandatory the focus works for the input field if the value is empty. 

Any help is this regard would be greatly appreciated 



Hello, Wasif, can you share a screenshot or your OML

On my side, is focusing on the Combobox.

Maybe I didn't understand your question. if the Combobox is mandatory when saving, if is empty it will display a validation message, if is not empty it will not do anything because is not empty

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@Márcio Carvalho . Apologies . I forgot to mention at the time of clicking the button the Combobox is disabled

So, what you are saying is, the Combobox is disabled and when you click on the button to submit, there is a focus or a validation to that combobox. RIght?

Just trying to understand to give you a valid answer.

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Yes mate . So the combobox is diabled and since the control is is shown on the screen after you scroll down . so what happens is that the button feels unresponsive as the focus does not go on the invalid control . But the message is shown 

And when we do the same with Input field the focus moves to the field even when it is disabled

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