[FullCalendar Reactive] Events Source List won't display in Full Calendar Reactive.
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Hi community, I am having difficulty implementing FullCalendar Reactive under web blocks. 

I've been searching in the community if someone has this problem and how they solve it but I failed.
I tried using Event List but still not enough.

First Picture: The EventSource List contains a list from GetFlight Aggregate

Second Picture: The EventSource List is not displaying in Calendar



Hi Mobarak,

Apology for the late reply. I tried to access the full calendar demo application with the exact implementation for the mentioned case, but somehow it is also not working; sorry, I couldn't figure out the reason.

I got it solved by using the AddEvent Client action, instead of appending the Aggregate result-set to a local List variable (of EventSource type) and referencing the same in the FullCalendar widget.

See this demo screen: FullCalendar | Airline Schedule

Refer to the attached .oml file

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Hi Benjith

I had the same issue as Mobarak and your solution works perfectly! Thank you so much.


You're most welcome, José

I'm glad it helped you :)

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Hi Mobarak,

Try loading your data in a local variable before loading the calendar widget.

For example: Add a local boolean variable called IsDataLoaded (Default: False). Add an If-Statement and put the FullCalendar widget in the if-statement so the widget only loads when the boolean is true. After fetching all your data. Change the IsDataLoaded boolean to true. And it should do the job.

The downside of this way is that if you want to refetch your data. You need to reload the FullCalendar widget. If not, the new events will not be loaded in your calendar and you're stuck with your old initial data.


You could also create REST calls. REST calls is in my opinion the best way to show your data. It gives the option to refetch your data without refreshing the whole calendar. Only the events part of the calendar. You'll be able to refetch your events using RefetchEvents action and you can load your data in the FullCalendar widget using the NewEventSourceUrl function (Can be used in expressions).

Hope this helps a bit more.



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