Tabs controller not working as expected

Hi friends,

I have implemented tabs controller which is working absolutely fine for my development environment as I pushed the code to test-build this Tabs controller is not working, let me show you the issue I am facing.

If you will inspect the page, you will see that display: none is getting implemented on tabs element which is simply baring from anything to display on screen. if just deselect that property all the tabs content data is shown at once.

Can anyone suggest the underlying issue for such behavior , all my calls are going through and we are getting all the data that is needed to build the content.
thanks, PFA

Hi Malvika,

If I understand you correctly, the same code behaves differently in different environments, with similar data and test case? And in TEST, a display:none is being added which is not present in DEV?

I suggest you control the OutSystems UI component's versions in your DEV and TEST environments. They might be different. We experienced similar weird behaviors after upgrading OutSystems UI to version 2.6.7 because some core CSS has been changed.

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