Bulk Insert From Outsystems into Snowflake
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I had a question regarding uploading large amounts of data from an outsystems db into snowflake. 

Currently we have about 30k+ rows in our table and are able to use the snowflake connecter to pass in the insertion queries. However this requires looping through each row which can cause a slight lag. 

Is there any way to use snowflakes bulk copy (copy into) method or something similar in order to copy over an entire table's data from outsystems to a snowflake table? 

Basically we are trying to avoid looping through thousands of rows in order to insert data from outsystems into snowflake

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

When you say you are using the Snowflake Connector are you referring to the Forge component or other type of connector?

Regardless of that, and just my two cents, given the amount of records it could be interesting to consider using a specific ETL tool for that. It's not that you can't do it with OutSystems, but sometimes we should use tools out there that were built just for the specific use case at hand.

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