[Rich Widgets Sample] Add Event or Get Total Count of Checked when using RichWidgets\List_BulkSelect
Forge component by André Mota
Service Studio Version
11.11.11 (Build 47088)

Hi All,

Greetings we would like to seek help on how can I add an event handler or get total count of selected records when using the RichWidget\List_BulkSelect

It does the task perfectly though the client wants to see also the count of selected records. We are having trouble to get the count when the checkbox has been click. 

Here is the sample url of the component.

Thank you and happy weekend.! 

WIth event handler i think is not possible. I made a quick example of how is possible, but the best approach is to do some JS code that can check how many selects are selected and update the variable.


Thank you it works perfect Luis :) 

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