Enterprise Privilege

Enterprise Privilege


If i change the name in Enterprise Privilege and the connections to the espaces permission was lost, if the connections is lost why let edit the name in Enterprise?
I want to change XPTO_2.User to XPTO.User in Enterprise, its possible?
Hi Hugo,

You can rename the enterprise privilege without loosing the connection with the eSpace permission.
Such relation is ensured by the Permission_Area_Extension entity from EnterpriseManager.

I rename and lost the connection, then i check the table in SQL and the connection its not there. I change the privilege name to XPTO_2.User (original name) and the connection its there. I just didnt try only change the name after "." but in my case i want to change before the "." .
Hi Hugo, 

Can you tell me your EnterpriseManager version?

Sorry for the delay, my version is Version 5.1.9.
I just publish the last version of Enterprise and got the same problem.
Query code in Enterprise when he sync the Privilege (this action is run when change/create privilege and when import) :
WHEN {Permission_Area}.Name THEN 1
WHEN {Espace}.Name @Concat  '.' @Concat  {Permission_Area}.Name THEN 2
WHEN {Espace}.Name @Concat  '.' @Concat  {Tenant}.Name @Concat  '.' @Concat  {Permission_Area}.Name THEN 3
So you cant change the name because of the sync, he uses the Espace name and i wanted to change that part of Privilege name. My question is why Enterprise has option to change Privilege names if the sync need the name to be equal to {Espace Name}.{Permission Name}?
Hi Hugo,

You are indeed right, and I was wrong in my first response.

EnterpriseManager doesn't support renaming privileges. The reason it supports the renaming in the UI is to synchronize it with service studio permissions, as privileges are not automatically renamed when permission areas are renamed in service studio.