[slick] Stop autoplay when it reaches the end of slide
Forge component by Jogait
Application Type
Traditional Web

Auto-play (enabled) Infinite (disabled)

Actual Result of Slick: slide 1     -     slide 2     -      slide 3     -      slide 2     -     slide 1
Expected Result: Auto play should stop at the last image

Hello @Jaysel Duran,

I don't use this component, but just wanted to share some research I ended up doing on this. 

1. Seems like it is a known issue (since at least 2016) with Slick.js.
Apparently setting 'autoplay' to True and 'infinite' to False triggers the bug.

2. If you are interested in customizing the underlying javascript, maybe the recommended work around in the link I shared above, might be worth a try.

3. I observed that the unexpected behavior with autoplay only occurs when 'slidesToShow' is set to either 1 or 2.
So when 'slidesToShow' is set to 3 or more, the autoplay feature stops at the last slide as expected.

Hope this helps in some way,



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