Carousel navigation appears later than the list attached to it
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hi All,

Have some issue with respect to Carousel in Web.

Issue is 

1. Loading list in carousel, when i refresh the page with different page values on the screen, carousel navigation appears later and the initial position goes to 0 and then comes back to the current one. Appreciate help. 

2. I suspect its because of Web blocks used for the list inside the carousel, the inner web block loads first and then the carousel web block loads latter. Let us know if it can be resolved.

3. Attached are the screenshots. first screenshot is during preparation and the second one is when I choose from a list and again navigate back to the screen.


Hi Namadev,

Hope you are doing well. I have found some discussion related to how we can initially navigate to an element. Could you please try this link and let us know its help you out or not.

Carousel navigation 

Thank you.



Hi Shubham,

Thanks for the response. Its not mobile, its Web. no issue with Navigation but on page load the web block containing list loads first than the carousel and the carousel and navigation loads later.

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