Azure Ad Authentication Logout Error
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.13 (Build 47428)
Platform Version
11.13.0 (Build 31107)

Hi There!

I'm trying to implement Azure Ad authentication in my Web Application using the LoginInfo webblock.

Then login works fine but I receive the error message "Unable to create SAML signature" when try logout.

The logout URL is

Any sugestions?

Thanks, Max Meinberg.

Hi Max,

I hope you are safe and doing well!!

You can take reference of below links,

Kind Regards,

Ajit Kurane

Thanks Ajit but I could not find the error yet.

I found an error in my log, please see attached image.

Hello @Max Meinberg,

I am not familiar with the issue you are encountering, but just had a question. The OriginalURL looks a bit odd to me.


Is that what you were expecting or in other words should it have been human readable? I have to research a bit on this on my end in any case.



Hi @Max Meinberg 

I wonder if you have found a solution for that error ? This post is already a bit older and iam currently experiencing the same issue, along with the same error message in service center.

Thank you, Stefan


I had the same problem in a Reactive Application. Has anyone found the solution for this?


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