[TestFramework] It always shows "Unclassified" with BDD tests
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I followed the guide "How to Automate Unit Testing and API Testing" to implement BDD tests on TestFramework, but it always shows "Unclassified" although my all my BDD scenarios was passed (you can see in the capture blow). I also created some other apps to test the BDD scenarios with TestFramewotk, but the same problem happened.

Please help me with this one.

In addition, is there any other guide for TestFramework? If yes, can you share the document.

Thank you and Best Regards

Hi Chau Tran, how are you doing today ?

This one solved it for me, there are 2 issues with the check if the tests ran successful.

Implement the demonstrated below and refresh the consumers/references and you should be good to go.

Let me know if it worked, if it did, mark as solution so others can see.

Have a great week !

Pedro Abreu


Clipboard helper:

    Index(HTTPresponse, "ALL SCENARIOS PASSED", 0, False, True) <> -1,

Thanks. That worked for me, but you need to be very careful with the "ALL SCENARIOS PASSED" string, as in the html of the bdd framework it contains some symbol between all and scenarios which makes the test fail if you just copy the string here. So best to copy it from the bdd html itself.

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