Check if user is currently logged in


I am working on a requirement for which I need to retrieve all users with a particular role, and then check if these users are currently logged into the OutSystems application (i.e. have an active session).

Is there a way that I may check this via Service Studio?



Hi Jose,

Thank you for sharing, I was wondering if there is any updated way to achieve this that is less of a security issue since the post is from 2018 but if it is still the only way then that's how I will proceed! :) 

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It's from 2018 but still up to date as far as I know. For our particular cases there is no security issues doing that but this had to be built based on the most concerned user, that's why it's not so simple to get that info.

Hu Rosin

You can refer below link for the solution


The link you provided is not complete, nor is it a link, and the actual link you wanted to share was already shared before you posted.

Hi @Daniël Kuhlmann , don't know what was the issue but the link is opening  fine for me & Yes it seems I've shared the same link

Thanks I got to know how to insert link as a link now

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