Multi-Tenant feature toggles


I've enjoyed the Feature Toggle Management forge component* a lot, but it seems to be highly environment centric, i.e. you can set features on/off for an entire environment, but what if your application is a multi-tenant (single environment)  application? I also read the excellent "How to Build a Multi-tenant Application" article** which is unaware as such a thing as feature toggles.

Imagine: Feature Toggles per Tenant! *Jurassic park, glasses off moment*

I'm looking for ideas for this topic or reading material. Anyone got anything to recommend?




 Hey Soren,

In the Documentation of the feature toggle, the how to use manual gives a hint for this situation (manual

If you go into a feature toggle you can see on the right these settings:

BUT I should warn you, I have worked with this and you should be very careful using it with reactive. 

What happened was that I was getting my feature toggle configuration information through the Application ready (as suggested in the documentation), but this information was being fetched before my user had made the login to the proper tenant, so the configurations were from the default tenant and not the user tenant.This also created a conflict with the tenant session, with my service center logs sometimes showing the default tenant and not the tenant I have logged in... The solution to this is to get the feature toggle not on application ready but on the on initialize of the page or after the login action.

*mind blown*

Thanks for your brilliant reply, Clarisse! I might return with more questions on your last paragraph where you talk about when to get the toggle.  I need some experience now - back to the lab.

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