SAP Connector returning a smaller dataset than expected

Hi all,

At my company, we are currently in the process of swaping some integrations with SAP that used to be done via SOAP webservices, with integrations using SAP function modules via the SAP Connector.

At the moment im consuming 3 function modules, 2 of the models which are new, and work perfectly.
By work perfectly i mean they have the same behavior when they are executed directly in SAP, and when they are invoked via de Outsystems SAP connector.

However, there is a third one that used to be a webservice, and was converted to a SAP function module which is not behaving the same manner. This function module returns datasets of diferent sizes depending if its being executed directly in SAP or via the Outsystems SAP Connector.

When executed directly in SAP it always returns a bigger dataset in relation to the invocation via the connector.
The amout excluded vary depending on the parameters sent, but I could not find any common pattern on the excluded data

I have double checked that im using the correct data source (environment); that the parameters im sending are exactly the same;that the execution is done with exactly the same user, but somewhow it still behaves diferently.
However, if i call the original webservices, it returns the same amount of records as the direct execution in SAP.

Since its an integration issue, we are unable to pin point if its an issue with the function module or with the outsystems connector.

I dont know if anyone has ever bumped in a similar i issue that can give us some pointers on how to tackle this situation.

Thanks in advance

Hi Fernando,

We once had a similar issue, in which there was actually a forgotten "limit" to the number of records being returned from the function module.

Where do your original SOAP webservices connect to? Another endpoint on SAP side? Have you compared the way that SOAP gets data with your new SAP connector?

Hi Ozan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, the soap webservice connects to a endpoint on the SAP side.
From my understanding the function module is a exact replica of the SOAP webservices, its just made available in a different channel.

Nonetheless i will ask the team to compare the way the Webservice gets the data in relation to the function module.

Aditionally, i will ask them to validate about the limit on the function module.

Thank you once again. 

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