Related items not displayed in a a list

I am building a simple app (for phones only) that contains an Excel DB. You can download it from here:

When I add the tablet (MyList) in my tabbed app in the previewer it works:

However, when I publish it, it doesn't work, the linked values that are the picture and the name are not being displayed:

I also tried only showing the list without any configuration but nothing happened.

My configuration is the following one:

The second view that contains the product doesn't show anything:

But in the preview is there:

I'm using this version:

I'm pretty new and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Any idea?

Also, does anyone how to remove this gray extra bar?

Thanks for your ideas.


Hi Federico,

The issue is in your 'GetMyLists' Aggregate. You are joining the Id of your Product entity with the ProductId2 column of your MyList entity.

But that column is actually null for all the records.

If you correct that join as "MyList.ProductId = Product.Id", it should be resolved.

Thanks, Ozan! It worked. Any idea how the Excel should look like to use the drag and drop logic of Outsystems for creating the entities? I need to create a kind of tutorial for dummies and it will be tricky for them (who are not developers) to explain these changes. I know that it is possible but I'm not sure how the Excel spreadsheet should look like? Also, do you know how to remove the extra gray zone above the tabs?



About the extra gray zone; I don't really see that when I run the app. Do you see it in Chrome preview? Which phone model do you choose to simulate?

This is how it looks in my case:

I'm using Microsoft Edge (Chromium) to run it.

Interesting, I don't see it in my Edge neither. But the way to customize UI is to write custom CSS. I suggest you inspect that gray area in the developer tools (F12) and write some CSS to hide it/change its size. So you might need some basic CSS skills.

Regarding Excel bootstrapping; I think the way you use it is good enough. I only find the MyListID in the third sheet a bit useless. 

Unfortunately bootsrapping relational data from Excel file with OutSystems is not very straightforward due to Primary Keys' auto-numbers. Normally you wouldn't have the Id of a record in the excel file while bootstrapping, anyway, so yours is not really a real-world example.

I guess you added the ProductId2 as a foreign key to support the relation data-modal wise as well, so I understand your need.

Normally, you would first bootstrap the main data (Product and User in your case), and then bootstrap the relational data. In your data model, you would have Product and User Ids in your MyList entity (with type Identifier instead of Integer), and in the bootstrap action for MyList, you would get the ProductId (primary key of the table) from Product entity by a "key" provided in the MyList sheet of your excel, and assign that retrieved ProductId to MyList.ProductId

I suggest you check this post for more info.

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